Designer Vaca / Palm Springs / Ace Hotel

I'd go back. Ace Hotel + Palm Springs + rad designer ladies just like me. Yes please. What made this event so great was that there were no back to back speakers, no dressing up, no business cards in your face, just good poolside conversations about what we do and love, design. 

This video from 2014 by Ellay Films sums it up pretty nicely.

There was an opening night dance party to kick off the 3 day Designer Vaca, where Promise and Alyssa (the founders of the event) reminded everyone to "leave our egos at the door" and to just have fun! 

photo on the left: opening dance party, complete with balloons. on the right, a pic my friend snapped of me taking photos of everything everywhere. 

the room was great, good smelling shampoo, comfy beds,  and the decor had a fun hipster vibe which I loved! 

Everything will be ok.

on the left: super cute temporary tats from Tattly, on the right: poolside design chats. 

On the last day there was a pretty great q+a with Jessica Hische who answered a lot of questions on the topic of being a mom and juggling design work, which I'm not in that stage of life yet, but was still cool to hear how she approaches the new busy schedule and manages time with clients. 

We had a few hours to spare before flying back to Seattle, so we waked around downtown to check out all the cool mid-century modern furniture shops. Then stopped in at the Moorten Botanical Gardens. 

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