New Website + Studio Space

Welcome to the new blog! Here you'll find posts on personal style, adventures, our apartment, design, and to inspire creativity. I'm excited to have my blog and design portfolio all in one place, I've used blogger and various portfolio websites for years. There's nothing wrong with the other platforms out there, but I've been testing the waters, and squarespace makes everything so simple. Ha! this sounds like an ad...I'm not being paid to say this, it's just my opinion.

Today  I want to share the new studio space in our apartment, and some tips on making the most of a small apartment. 

After my boyfriend and I moved to Seattle we lost a whole bedroom, which I used as an office. Now we live in a 780 sq foot, vintage style apartment, with small 1 small bedroom, 1 small bathroom and half a kitchen. So to make room for the office we split the living room into two rooms by placing the couch in the middle of the room. See more of the living room here.


We also had some old shelves that we put behind the couch to hide books and nic-nacs. We were able to take advantage of this desk we made when we lived in Utah, it was the perfect place to keep our records, books, and magazines. We modified the desk by using some table legs from ikea. 


We nailed a large piece of sheet metal from home depot to the wall, because I can't live without an actual real life pin board, love Pinterest, don't get me wrong, but there's still something satisfying about tapping cool images up in a cluster.