Health / new workout shoes

I want to start out by saying this is not a sponsored post. I am genuinely just obsessed with these running shoes! Over the past several years I have lost a lot of motivation to work out, I might run a mile 2 times a week, but I haven't really been watching what I eat or pushing my workout limits in any way. It was a recent shopping trip and several unflattering bikinis tried on later that made me realize I need to make fitness a bigger priority in my life. 

I went online to look for some new gear, because cute workout clothes motivate me to workout more often...does it work like this for anyone else!? Anyways I saw these and fell in love with the pattern...but comfort is important too. I went to the nearest nike running store, and tried them was like walking on clouds!

The store I went to didn't have the floral pattern in my size, just a black and orange pair. And they were sold out online! I was sort of obsessed with the floral pattern, so they offered to find a store that had them in stock. They found them at a store in Oregon, called them up for me while I was in the store and I was able to have them shipped to me! Can I just take a minute to give the Eugene, Oregon Nike store a huge shout out! They were so helpful! Look at this, they hand wrote a thank you note to send along with my order (and might i point out they even spelled my name right) also my order got to me at lightning speed! Thanks Nike, you guys have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! High five.


Also once opened that orange box and saw the shoes, I just had to style them with some flowers before I hit to road and they got dirty. I couldn't help myself! If you're interested in these shoes too, they are sold out online, but I would try calling the Eugene, Oregon store, maybe they'll have them! What motivates you to workout? Anyone have helpful running tips?