things I've been thinking about lately...

So I haven't posted here in a pretty long time and I'd like to get back into posting and sharing in this space. I work full time and run a small online shop and at the end of the day sharing diy projects or posting to a blog was just less important to me than say cooking dinner, or going for a run, happy hour with friends, or lets be honest watching bachelor in paradise. Basically what I'm trying to say is I like this little blog and I miss it, but it really does fall to the bottom of my list most days. I like the idea of slow blogging, and maybe just jumping on here to share an update or two, my favorite trends and share some of my design work. That's really why I started this in the first place, to share design work and at some point I got really into diy projects and sharing them, but I'm just not super into doing that anymore. Of course I still love diy projects but I enjoy them more when I am just doing them for me and not tracking it step by step and trying to get good photos to share later, it just made it less fun, ya know? Anyways I'm going to stop blabbing and thought I'd share an update of things lately.

Loving / Class Pass and trying new workouts at new gyms. If you want to try class pass here's $20 off your first month!

Trying / new recipes from the cookbooks that have been collecting dust in the kitchen.

Exploring / different illustration styles and learning what works for me.

Feeling / excited for the change of seasons and cooler weather

Craving / something sweet after giving up sugar for the past month.

Enjoying / these pnw overcast and rainy day vibes

Wearing / this super soft sweater from target.

Looking / forward to tuesday pottery class starting back up!

Watching / youtube โ€“ I love vlogs!

Listening / to the Pardon my French postcast, by Garance Dorรฉ.

Working / on the fall collection for Push Print Studio

Crafting / away and catching up on my project life album, months behind, what's new.

Finding / my personal style and being picky in what I buy.