Adventure / Blanca Lake

I've wanted to hike to Blanca lake for a while, obsessively stalking the hashtag on instagram seeing everyones photos of the ice blue glacier-fed lake. So for my birthday Jordan and I made the trek, a 3,000 foot gain in 3 miles, switch back after switchback. Then a 600 foot muddy decent to the lake. It was a tough hike for me but so worth it! My new life goal is to get in shape enough to backpack to the lake and camp there!

Jordan snapped this pic while I was trying to make sure I wasn't going to fall, and I like the way it turned out better than the cheesy smile I had in the one that followed. :)




Jordan and i were trying to make serious faces, like we weren't impressed, but we just couldn't help smiling!

Health / new workout shoes

I want to start out by saying this is not a sponsored post. I am genuinely just obsessed with these running shoes! Over the past several years I have lost a lot of motivation to work out, I might run a mile 2 times a week, but I haven't really been watching what I eat or pushing my workout limits in any way. It was a recent shopping trip and several unflattering bikinis tried on later that made me realize I need to make fitness a bigger priority in my life. 

I went online to look for some new gear, because cute workout clothes motivate me to workout more often...does it work like this for anyone else!? Anyways I saw these and fell in love with the pattern...but comfort is important too. I went to the nearest nike running store, and tried them was like walking on clouds!

The store I went to didn't have the floral pattern in my size, just a black and orange pair. And they were sold out online! I was sort of obsessed with the floral pattern, so they offered to find a store that had them in stock. They found them at a store in Oregon, called them up for me while I was in the store and I was able to have them shipped to me! Can I just take a minute to give the Eugene, Oregon Nike store a huge shout out! They were so helpful! Look at this, they hand wrote a thank you note to send along with my order (and might i point out they even spelled my name right) also my order got to me at lightning speed! Thanks Nike, you guys have some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! High five.


Also once opened that orange box and saw the shoes, I just had to style them with some flowers before I hit to road and they got dirty. I couldn't help myself! If you're interested in these shoes too, they are sold out online, but I would try calling the Eugene, Oregon store, maybe they'll have them! What motivates you to workout? Anyone have helpful running tips?

Alt Summit Pt. 1 / SLC air bnb

Ok how amazing is this air bnb we booked in SLC for our stay during Alt Summit Summer 2015! Just wanted to share some photos I snapped during the stay! I have had nothing but great experiences so far using air bnb! and saved so much money compared to what we would had spent at some of the nicer hotels! 


Salt Lake City, Utah

if you're interested in staying here click below to save some $$$ and I get $$$ towards my next trip! High five!